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75th Anniversary Report and Photos


427 (Lion) Squadron has had a proud history since November, 1942 when it was first formed. As an Association of former Lions our objective is to ensure that the exploits experienced as well as the sacrifices made by Squadron members, past and present, are shared and acknowledged. We achieve our objective by:

  • coordinating with the active Squadron to maintain and foster the sense of pride we feel with this famous and historic Squadron
  • providing a forum for exchange of military history and genealogical information
  • support for military activities
  • participation in and support for all military memorials
  • contributing to qualified institutions
  • publishing a Newsletter
  • maintaining a Web Site
  • participating in the annual "Gathering of the Lions"

The primary purpose of the Association is to ensure that the achievements, traditions and memories of our famous Squadron are maintained and shared. The Association comprises not only the World War II and post-war Lions but current Squadron personnel and former Lions still serving elsewhere in the Royal Canadian Air Forces (RCAF). The Association was founded as a non-profit organization and is entirely dependent on membership dues and donations. All Association workers are unpaid volunteers.

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