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About Us

427 Squadron has a proud history and thus the main objective of the Association is to ensure that the achievements, traditions and memories of our famous Squadron are maintained and perpetuated. The Association embraces not only the World War II and Post War Lions but all currently active Lions now serving on the Squadron and former Lions still serving elsewhere in the CAF.

We are a group of former Lions who co-ordinate with the active Squadron to maintain the link that we have with this esteemed Squadron. Our active Squadron supports the Association by several methods, not least the Squadron News link in this web site. The Association publishes a newsletter titled “ROAR “ and manages this Website for those with computers.¬†We have regional representatives all across Canada and in the US and UK. We are constantly looking for volunteers and we welcome suggestions from all sectors on how to make the Association more meaningful for the members. We invite you to get on board and help make us even better.


L/Gen (Ret.) D.M. Donald McNaughton CMM/CD
L/Gen (Ret.) J.J.C. Bouchard OC/CMM/MSC/CD
M/Gen (Ret.) J.R. Robert Chisolm CMM/CD

427 Squadron Association

Honourary Colonel - Del Lippert
427 Squadron Commanding Officer - Lieutenant Colonel Clay Rook
427 Squadron Association Chairman - Vacant
427 Squadron Association Vice Chairman - Sask Wilford
Treasurer & Membership - Richard Dunn

Executive Committee

Dean Black
Dick Dunn
Dale Horley
Neil Lakins
Del Lippert
Wayne MacLellan
Randy Meiklejohn
Walt Pirie
Ken Sorfleet
Sask Wilford

Regional Directors

UK - Vacant
Maritimes - Wayne MacLellan
Quebec - Vacant
S. Ontario- Ted Hessel
N. Ontario - Vacant
Ottawa - Allan Todd
Manitoba - Ian "Tommy" Thomson

Saskatchewan - Weldon Moffatt
Alberta - Jim Gillespie
British Columbia - Wes Bowers
U.S.A. - Vacant

ROAR Editor & Publisher
Dean Black

Web Manager
Wayne MacLellan

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