All donations to 427 Lion Squadron Association are now Tax Deductible!

PROCEDURE - Mail-In or On-line

Our new Treasurer/Membership Chair, Dick Dunn has informed us that all donations in support of ROAR and the WEB SITE qualify as a tax-deductible charitable donation. Make your cheque or payment to the Battle of Britain Memorial Fund. The mandate of the Battle of Britain Memorial Fund includes: “providing a forum to propagate Air Force history and future objectives.” It also includes informing new generations of Canadians of the importance and richness of their country´s air force. That´s precisely what the Association through ROAR and the WEB SITE is all about!


Print out the membership application form Here

Complete the form, add your cheque and carry out the instructions below.

If you wish a tax receipt for your donation and/or lifetime membership, please make your cheque payable to:

"Battle of Britain Memorial Fund" (any amount exceeding $20.00)
In the "Memo" section of your cheque write: 427 Squadron Association
To mail, address your envelope to:

Richard Dunn, Treasurer
427 Squadron Association
1998 Ogden Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
V6J 1A2

On receipt of your application form and cheque, the Battle of Britain Memorial Fund will send a tax receipt to you, and then issue a cheque for the same amount to the Treasurer of the 427 Squadron Association, crediting you with the donation.

If you do NOT want a tax receipt make the cheque payable to
"427 Squadron Association" and mail to the above address


The Battle of Britain Memorial Fund will then send you a Tax Receipt with your new membership card, if applicable, and credit you with the donation.