427 WW II Leeming photos

Photos compliments of Jim Craik

bombed up and ready

four guys

four more guys

four guys on tower watch

four on nose

Halifax 1


hand shake one

Burnside crew, circa 1943

G/C Evans at Leeming, Christmas

hand shake two

Judy Garland nose

london revenge

one guy


Punting on the river

second tail gunner

tail gunner

Three Guys

Two guys Bombing up

 Two guys beisde The exterminator

Two guys beside a Halifax

Two Guys beide aircraft

Two Guys in the Tower

two suited up

two suited up no 2

two suited

yehudi, Halifax

Leeming HQ

loading mines

Drop 8 saloon car


leeming xmas party

leeming xmas party no 2