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    • 427 History
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427 History

  • Overview
    • Baden Remembered
    • Official 427 History
    • Special Operations Aviation (SOA) Era - History
    • 427 Sqn. Aircrew Names - 1942-1970 (select on sidebar)
    • Battle Honours
    • 427 Squadron Commanding Officers - 1942 to present
  • WW II Operations and Casualities
    • All Daily Operations and Route Maps from 1942 to 1945
    • The Complete 427 Wartime Diary
    • The Complete Operations Log( a Power Point file)
    • The Complete 427 Casualty List
  • NATO Years - F-86 Sabre
    • 1958 427 Christmas Card
    • Generic Sabre Booklet
    • 3 (F) Wing, Zweibrücken, Germany, 1960 Information Booklet
    • Cold War Fighter Pilots
    • Course Photos from F-86 OTU Chatam, N.B.
    • Ted Hessel's Photos from Zweibrücken-circa 1960
    • Keith Rattew's photos from the 1986 Vancouver reunion
    • SPAADS 2008, Quebec City - Report & Photos
    • SPAADS 2010, Penticton, B.C.- Report & Photos
    • Video SPAADS 2010, Penticton, B.C. - Lion's Den
    • SPAADS 2012, Hamilton, ON - Report & Photos
    • F-86 427 Squadron Commanding Officers
  • NATO Years - CF-104 Starfgighter
    • Norm MacSween's CF-104 Photo Album
    • Cold Warrior - The Story of a Starfighter Mission
    • Memories of a Lion CF-104 Commanding Officer
    • A General History of the CAF's CF-104
    • The Canadian Starfighter Association
    • CF-104 427 Squadron Commanding Officers
  • Helicopter Years - 1971 to present - Tactical to Special Operations
    • A Day in the Life - Task Force Commander Silver Dart
    • Official 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron web site
    • Special Operations Aviation History in Canada
    • DND Recruitment Brochure - CANSOFCOM



  • All Copies of ROAR Volume 2 & 3 from 2007 to the present are available in PDF format.



  • Special section for Squadron News
  • All news, photos and videos from 2007 to the present are viewable.



  • Membership Application
  • Membership & Donation Procedure
  • Membership Directory



  • Financial reports of the Association by year. Questions regarding any financial matters should be directed to  the Treasurer, Dick Dunn



  • Obituaries for all 427 veterans whom have passed away and of which we had been notified. All WW II 427 Squadron casualties (names only) are listed under the information in WW II Operations & Casualties. All operational casualties since 1942 are listed in a PDF file accessed by clicking on the Cenotaph icon located on the Remember page.If you are aware of a missing 427 Squadron veteran, please notify us with as much information as possible.


About Us

  • A List of the Executive and Directors of the Association



  • A series of links to many associated and interesting web sites



  • Biographies of members and Commanding Officers of 427 Squadron,past and present.
  • Books by members with permission. Featured Vern White's "Four Years and a Bit".
    • A selection of Videos, memories, interviews and reunions.
      • Original Video of the Adoption of the Lion Squadron by MGM
      • Six videos by W/C (Ret.) Bob Middlemiss
      • Six videos by W/C (Ret.) Don (Doc) Payne (some not active yet)
      • Four SPAADS videos, three from 2010 and one from 2014
  • Stories
    • Several shorter stories from the different eras WW II, F-86, CF-104 and Helicopter.

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