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Please note, you will require Adobe Reader on your computer to access the two PDF files, the War Diary and the Wartime Casuality lists. It is available free at Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Operations Log is a PowerPoint file and either Microsoft Power Point or Open Office will allow you to read the file. The Open Office suite is available free at Open Office.

For ease of accessing, the War Diary and Operation Log have been combined and placed in files by month. The monthly schedule has been completed from November 1942 to May 1945. Dick Dunn has taken the PDF file and transcribed it into a digital media, an important change if you wish to search the War Diary for information. The complete original PDF of the War Diary is also available here but the download time for the complete file is lengthy.

The complete War Diary and Wartime Casualty list, in PDF, and the Operations Log, in Power Point, were completed by LCol Eddie Haskins, a massive task.

A note for Historians. Glaring spelling errors and small typos have been corrected or a (sic) added. Names of personnel or place names that appear mis-spelt are noted with the correction. Although we have proof read the results, months that have been transcribed rather than scanned may have introduced new errors. To clarify any areas in question please consult the original War Diary. Questions should be addressed to Wayne or Dick

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Wartime Operations Log & War Diary by Month

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   Fallen Lions - November 7, 1942 to May 8, 1945

Complete War Diary(PDF file)
Complete Operation Log(PowerPoint file)
Complete Wartime Casualities(PDF file)