Comox 100th Anniversary of Flight

A Report by Dick Dunn

29 April 2009

Hello Lions,

We have recently returned from a fabulous weekend at Comox attending the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Flight in Canada.

Some of us stayed at Hotel Horley, where Marilyn provided an outstanding B&B. Friday's golf on the course adjacent the base was rather distracting, with the Snowbirds, Hawk 1 and an CF-18 buzzing around at low level. Unfortunately my camera battery went kaput so I missed some good shots.

The monster beer call at the officers mess was a blast. After a random draw of entries, Dany, my spouse, won first prize on the aviation trivia contest, and Jet Johnson (444 & 439) won 2nd prize, Larry Milberry's "Sabre" book. Since Jet already had a copy, and was amply partaking of 427 food, drink, and accommodation, it did not take much to persuade him to donate it to Col. Bob Custer of 197th Fighter Squadron, Arizona Air National Guard. Dale and I had met Bob a couple of years ago at the USAF F-86 reunion in Las Vegas. Whilst talking to Dale, he remarked upon the "Party of the Century" when the 197th visited Zwei in 1962. Bob had sent me a cheque of US$ 100 for 427 drinks.

Saturday was another blue sky day, and we enjoyed the full airshow from the bank overlooking the beach. Mindful of airshow rules, and bird hazards, the show was well executed but a little distant for my taste. Afterwards we toured the Air Force museum and the workshop where a Spitfire Mk 9 is being restored to flying condition. The project was floundering until Mike Potter, the semi-billionaire who financed Hawk 1 stepped up to the plate.

About 400 attended the evening dinner in the hangar. I had donated a "Sabre Scissors" which went for $ 350 at the silent auction. I met Larry Millberry and he signed the Sabre book for Bob Custer. We discussed the missing Sabre on the 25 plane diamond, and I told him the story of the Fang Flypast when Pete St Louis led the last operational flight of Sabres in Europe.

A few pics are attached. That's Mike Potter, with me and Bob Middleton. Only half the Lions were in the photo in front of Hawk 1, but as you know, getting a photo op with fighter pilots is like herding cats.



427 Attending:


  • Dick & Danielle Dunn
  • Dale & Marilyn Horley
  • Swede & Caron Larsen
  • Ted Hessel
  • Wayne MacLellan
  • John & Susi Shute
  • Bud White
  • Sack Wilford

-427 Hawks-

  • Jack & June Frazer
  • Bill & Joy Grip
  • Beau & Eli Warrian


  • Bill Best
  • Des Desbiens
  • Terry Hallett
  • Norm & Patricia MacSween
  • Bob Middlemiss

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