427 Wartime Operation Orders

Weldon Moffatt, a WW II veteran and long term Association member and supporter has found a link that includes all Ops Orders from November, 1942 to June 1945. Many thanks to Weldon... again.

This is the email I received from Weldon.


The picture I've included shows Tom Lawson presenting me with his coin(Chief of Defence coin) during our visit to the Netherlands.

I have in the past sent you some of the twenty four 427 operation orders I have. Anna Marie (Willey) has given me contact information on files copied from the microfilm at Libraries Archives Canada.

The ORBs online are FREE to the public to view. Canadiana.org three years ago took over much of the digital copying when LAC staff were cut, has recently made all the RCAF ORBs freely available as digital copies. I looked at May 1945 and the rendition was no better than what I have in my collection. The files are .jpg pictures and the website offers to convert them to doc.

The website sets up a warning on the internet browser. If you proceed to download the file converter, it will change your home page and search agent to the ASK search agent. They do tell you how to reverse this after it does.


The following websites lead to the files without visibly affecting the browser.

Here are the links for wartime 427 Squadron Operation Orders: