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Membership & Finance - January 2011


It's all good news and is basically an update of the information contained in the last ROAR.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

2009 was a downer (March 2010, ROAR, page 4,5,6)  financially for us but thanks to your generous support, 2010 was the best revenue year since our formation in 1996. We kept the expense side of the ledger under control and ended the year with an operating profit of more than $800.00. Our bank balance is strong as you will see in the following table.

427 Squadron Association Financial Report

01 January 2010 to 31 December 2010




2010 Ops


Opening Balance















Bank Interest





Leeming Memorial





ROAR/Web Site










Caution: Please don't let this bright picture lull you into inaction. Each year we budget $1800.00 just to cover operating expenses (ROAR, the Website and Admin) while our only sources of revenue are from an occasional new membership (at $50.00) and your kind donations - so please keep them coming - thank you.

Leeming Memorial Cairn

On the morning of 21 February 1944, an RCAF, 427 Lion Squadron Halifax, LV836, took off from RAF Leeming at 0015 hrs on a bombing mission to Stuttgart. Unfortunately, the a/c crashed some nine minutes later in fields just outside of the town of Northallerton. All seven crew members on board were killed on impact. See stories and photos elsewhere on the site Photos and ROAR-March 2010, page 17. The cost of the project was covered, in the main by LIONS. See the accounting below.

On March, 2010, RAF Leeming presented a Memorial Cairn at the Romanby Golf Club in memory of the crew of LV 386. The organizer for this program was F/L Gareth Bradley-Sessions of RAF Leeming. The total cost of the program was £378.40 distributed as follows:

  • 6 RCAF Bomber Group Association - Ken Cuthliff - £50
  • In-person Donation - Major Luc Vermette - £28.40
  • 427 Squadron Association - Bank Draught - £300

The 427 Squadron Association Treasurer, Sask Wilford, coordinated the donations from all Canadian donors resulting in the £300 bank draught. This amount broke down as follows, in Canadian funds, £300 @ 1.5676 = $470.28.



427 Squadron Memorial Fund LCol Kevin Whale, CO


427 Squadron Association


Air Force Association (RCAF Association Trust Fund)


Col. Chris Coates, Kingston


LCol Eddie Haskins, Ottawa


W/C(R) Bob Middlemiss, Barrie


Wayne MacLellan, Riverport


Sask Wilford, Hillsburgh




And continuing on a positive note, I am pleased to reiterate that our "Partnership" agreement with the RCAF Association Trust Fund is working well and many of our members are using this option in order to receive a Tax Receipt for their donations (which exceed $20.00), or their membership fees. Please review the full details of this new procedure elsewhere in this section of the website. Many thanks to Lion, Dean Black for providing us with this option.


We have written a new Membership Policy which identifies our different categories of membership and facilitates the management of this portfolio. An example of this was a recent request for membership from 427 Greater Geelong Squadron (Australian Air Cadets). They have been approved under the category of "Affiliate Membership". Please view the complete policy document  elsewhere in this section and also see a picture of the letter  and membership certificate that these cadets are proud to display at their squadron.

In 2010 we welcomed new "Life" members, Walt Pirie (Sabres), Keith Rattew (Sabres), Bob Dahl (CF-104), Don Buckler (WWII POW). For the first time in our history we welcomed as "Associate" members, Greg, Loreen and Lesley the "kids" of recently deceased LION Norm Guizzo (Sabres). Also for the first time we welcomed as "Honorary Associate Members", Enid White (Verne) and Grace McRae (Lorne). Yes, your Association is alive and well (thanks to you). Let's make it even better - together.



427 Squadron has a proud history and thus the main objective of the Association is to ensure that the achievements, traditions and memories of our famous squadron are maintained and perpetuated. The Association embraces not only the World War II and Post War Lions but all currently active Lions now serving on the Squadron and former Lions still serving elsewhere in the CAF.

We publish a newsletter titled ROAR and we have regional representatives all across Canada and in the US and UK. We are constantly looking for volunteers and we welcome suggestions from all sectors on how to make the Association more meaningful for the members. We invite you to get on board and help make us even better.

To receive your 427 Lion Squadron Association Membership card, make a donation or a bequest, please  CLICK HERE  to go to the next page, print it out, complete and mail the form to:

A.W. Wilford
427 Lion Squadron Association
9129 Side Road 17
R.R. #2, Hillsburgh, ON
N0B 1Z0