History of 427 Squadron Tactical & Special Operations Helicopter Era

A Day In The Life of Commander Task Force Silver Dart

427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron (SOAS) Official Website link

Article - Special Operations Aviation History in Canada

DND Recruitment Brochure - CANSOFCOM

There was an excellent helicopter site, Tachelmemories,  which now appears to have disappeared(2014). If anyone has any information about it please advise me. In addition 427 Squadron content is required by this site. The 427 Tactical and Special Operations Squadron activity spans forty three years as of 2014. Our Squadron history is important. There should be enough stories, photos and personal memories to expand the website by a factor of five. Submit your information in any form to   Webmaster.  If you have difficulty with the webmaster link the address is macway01@gmail.com  using your own Email program

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